The Designer

Patricia Rahme Loyato

After graduating with a double major in Advertising/Marketing, and Radio/TV, Patricia Rahme Loyato compiled 12 years of experience in this field in the Middle East before deciding to follow her dream. Patricia's passion for sculpting and rings led her to Florence, Italy, where she enrolled in Alessandro Dari Jewelry School. This institution is directed by Maestro Alessandro Dari, a famous jewelry sculptor, the chosen Artist of the Vatican and the Jewelry Ambassador of Italy for 2020.

During her studies in Florence, she learned the original method of sculpting the mold of any jewelry piece. Though she did not have much experience in this field, the creative talent acquired in her original work field helped her excel in her new vocation. As a result, Patricia won a full scholarship at the Alessandro Dari Jewelry School to continue studying for an additional eight months.

After three intense years in Italy, Patricia decided to return to her home country Lebanon to create a new opportunity and revive this artistic craft for the Lebanese community. She returned to Beirut in April of 2014, intending to have her trademark. Consequently, Patricia designed 245 rings jewelry pieces for her brand's launch at the prestigious Quantum Villa in Sursock, Beirut, in December of 2014.

Using the techniques she learned in Italy, she started designing her rings and promoting them. After a while, Patricia's hard work paid off, and the brand she conceived started gaining ground and fame among some celebrities in Lebanon and internationally. Patrizia was selected to exhibit at the JA New York in Manhattan during March of 2016. JA NY includes more than 725 of the world's finest jewelry brands, designers & suppliers. She was also the only Lebanese Jewelry designer chosen among international painters and sculptors to participate in the World Art Dubai fair in April 2016.

Recently some of her designs were selected to be exhibited by Gallerique Chicago, an organization that sets premier Art pieces of work from galleries, dealers, and artists worldwide.

What sets Patrizia's creations apart from other designers is the fact that her jewelry is exclusively handcrafted from the initial conception of the design, till the final step of the jewels. The rings she creates are one of a kind; each piece's craftsmanship makes it unique and adds a human touch. Patrizia's rings possess different textures, materials, metals, precious stones. Each one tells a story of its own and reveals its owner's tale. These methodologies, she believes, are also important topics that should be taught simultaneously with technique to young artists in an academic environment.

In 2017 Patricia shifted a little bit her interest to education. She started her first unconventional jewelry workshop at Esmod Beirut, University of Saint Joseph, and later created a gemstones seminar at Quest Education Center. Under the name Create by Patrizia, she performed various jewelry and creative workshops in her atelier, and her engagement is still ongoing.

Her education goal has filled a significant gap in Lebanon's jewelry industry since a decent jewelry University Degree is still missing. Patrizia believes in the jewelry education mission and her long-awaited project is to open a jewelrey school in some corner of the world.