The designer

Patrizia Rahme

To create.
To bring into being.
To model and give shape, to sculpt a form and instill a life.
To fashion fluid and cast metal.
To melt iron and harden wax.
To dream, to fly, to reach for the sky, to burn your wings in the heat of the flaming sun, and drop to the depths of the deepest abyss.
To drown there in the dark night of the soul and rise again, spearing up into power.
To wear a crown and rule the land. To tame the wild and unleash the beast.
To sing an ode to joy and dance your dance of glory.
To sparkle like a gem and cherish what is holy.
To count the seeds of time, hearkening to its signs, and falter as all, around you, fades and declines.

Such is the nature of man, as he waxes, so he wanes, and much as blood runs in his veins, his doing ever stains the now, the next, and the future past. And as the ages pass us by, the flame of life is kindled still; a key to its mysterious realm, here I offer with much thrill, wrapped around a finger, thine, a unique expression of your style.

Patrizia is the launched brand of the craftswoman and Jewelry sculptor Patricia Rahme, an advertising veteran who learned the craft during her stay in Florence, Italy. Patrizia creates rings, jewelry, sculptures and other decorative items from wax before casting them into desired metal. Feel Free to express yourself with her art and take an appointment.